Tooth extractions (or complete removals) may be necessary for several reasons:

  • If a tooth is too badly damaged from decay or injury, it may need to be extracted.
  • If the mouth is too crowded, extractions may be performed to make more room for permanent teeth or for orthodontic work.
  • If an infection has reached the tooth’s pulp, and a root canal procedure and/or antibiotics do not remedy the infection, an extraction may be required.
  • For our patients whose immune system may be weakened due to chemotherapy, organ transplant, or auto-immune disease, an extraction may be performed as a precautionary measure if a tooth is identified as even a bit susceptible to infection.

The extraction procedure generally requires local anesthesia. Once the tooth has been extracted, the body will naturally form a protective blood clot in the socket and your dentist will protect the socket with a gauze pad. In some cases, we will need to insert a few self-dissolving stitches into the gums. It may be necessary to take antibiotics with a tooth extraction to protect against infection.

Our dental providers at River Valley Dental are able to extract wisdom teeth as well as regular teeth. There is no need for our patients to go to an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal; we offer safe and comfortable extractions right here in our offices.

If you think one of your teeth may require extraction, please visit us for a consultation. We can discuss your options and whether an extraction is the best route.

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