At River Valley Dental, we take pride in the fact that our patients look to us for interesting and educational resources on dental techniques, procedures, and home care. As with all health care topics, dentistry is continually evolving and changing, and we want to ensure that our patients are always up-to-date on their dental information. On this page we’ll post a selection of videos that we feel offer helpful information. If you come across a video that you think our patients would benefit from seeing, please let us know and we’ll consider adding it to this educational video library.
“Diet & Your Teeth” – How does what you eat and drink affect your oral health? What can you consume to improve your oral health?

“Aging and Tooth Decay” – What you need to know about age-related oral health issues. Treating these issues early is of utmost importance.

“Dentistry and Overall Health”

“Custom Mouth Guards” – a video from the American Dental Association (ADA) about custom athletic mouth guards and why they are so important for anyone involved in contact sports. River Valley Dental can provide you or your child with a custom-fitted mouth guard.

Other Resources